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Camp Rules

Make the most of your camp experience by following a few simple rules.

1. Improve a little every day.

2. Listen to coaches, they’re here to help.

3. Fundamental skills are basis for improved play.

4. Hustle, hustle, hustle!

5. Improvement takes time; you must have patience.

6. When rotating through stations, you must keep track of where you need to be.

7. Keep track of your equipment and belongings. BOS Baseball Camp IS NOT responsible for lost items.

8. No Cursing.

9. No throwing equipment.

10. Respect fellow campers at all times.

11. Keep the fields clean, pick up after yourself.

12. Keep the playing area organized.

13. Any Problems: tell a coach right away.

14. During lunch, stay in the bleachers or on the hill, not on the field. No ball playing during lunch. Bathroom by permission only. Must go in pairs.

15. Never give up on yourself.

16. Make friends and have fun!